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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond or surety bond is simply a monetary guarantee that a person who has been charged with a crime will appear before the court when they are ordered. Once a bond has been posted, the accused is released from custody until his court hearing.

How is the Amount of Bail Decided?

The courts are responsible for setting bail, but most people want to be released immediately as opposed to waiting up to three days to see a judge. In most jails, bail is set according to pre-set guidelines that specify bail amounts.

How is Bail Posted?

You can post cash or real property for the full amount of the bond directly with the court, but this may tie up much-needed funds and savings. Some jurisdictions may deduct court fees from your cash bond. You’ll also lose the benefit of confidentiality; since most courts follow stringent guidelines to show posted funds aren’t a product of criminal activity. In most cases, bail is posted through a bail bondsman. The bail agent collects a fee (or premium) and secures some form of collateral for the full amount of the bail. Fees vary by state, but are usually 10% of the bail amount, except for federal and immigration cases, which may be as high as 15%–20%.

What’s Collateral?

Collateral is something of value that’s “held” by the bail agent to ensure the defendant is present for all court proceedings. A piece of real estate, a car, and a bank account – all can be considered collateral. Sometimes the signature of a qualifying co-signor will be accepted.

Do I need collateral for a bail bond?

In most cases collateral is not always needed. Every situation is different and our trained professionals would be able to inform you if collateral is needed in your case.

Will the Collateral be Returned?

A bail bond agent has a legal responsibility to safeguard all collateral. As long as the defendant has not failed to appear before the court, collateral is returned once a case is completed – whether the defendant is found innocent or guilty. A bail agent’s fee however is not returned; this is payment for services rendered regardless of the outcome of the case.

What Information Do I Need to Provide the Bail Bond Agent?

The full name of the defendant and where he’s in custody – you’ll need the city, state and name of the jail. · If you can provide the booking number, this will save valuable time.

How much is the bail?

If you don’t have it, don’t worry; the bail agent can get it when they contact the jail. Once you know the bail amount, our agent will advise what it will cost to post bond and anything else required to expedite the defendant’s release.

How long does it take to get released from jail on bond?

That usually depends on where the defendant is being held. Local police stations generally take an hour, but county jails can range from three – eight hours. Immigration may take up to six hours, and federal facilities two – three

What happens if the defendant fails to appear?

If you think the defendant is going to flee, contact your bondsman as soon as possible to review what options are available to you. If a defendant fails to appear before the court, he is considered a fugitive and a bench warrant is issued for their arrest. The bail bond agent makes every effort to locate the fugitive and return them to custody. However, if the bail bond agent is unable to locate the fugitive the bail agent must pay the entire bond amount to the court. The bail bond agent can recover the cost by turning to the collateral to reimburse the loss

With so many Agencies around, which Bail Bond Company should I choose?

At ARMANDO S. ESPINOZA BAIL BONDS, our top priority is customer satisfaction and we try to cater to your each and individual situation. We give you honest and complete details about your situation, as well as keeping all of your valuable information COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. We are a professional corporation, licensed by the state. We have staff readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will to come to your work or to your home if necessary. Keep in mind; Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds is here to help out the community. We are one of the most flexible Bail Agencies with payment plan options, which means that we will try to accommodate your needs according to your financial situation.

How long will it take to get out of jail?

Here at Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds, we pride ourselves in rapid service. Which means as soon as the jail says that your individual is ready for bail; we immediately post the bail bond. Actual Release time depends upon the jail facility in which your individual is held. If he/she is at a city jail facility release time can be anywhere from 10mins – 1hour, where a county jail facility may take anywhere from 2hours-12hours. You can call Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds for a more accurate estimate depending on the exact jail facility where your loved one is being held.

How much is a bail bond?

10% of the Bail Amount is the Standard California Rate. We can also offer an 8% rate if you qualify. Do not be fooled by misleading advertising, which states 5% bail. What those companies really mean is 5% down payment and the 5% once the individual is released from jail.

Can we call with any bail related questions free of charge?

Yes. We Help EVERYONE who has bail bonds related concerns. Please contact us at ARMANDO S. ESPINOZA BAIL BONDS immediately for any and all of your questions and a bail agent will be ready to help.

Como saco a alguien de la carcel?

Se puede poner el dinero en total en efectivo/cheque cajero/cheque personal con firmacion de ATM corriente de dinero en la cuenta directamente en la carcel. Se puede depositar una casa directamente con la corte mostrando el valor de ser propiedad con el exito del valor en total de la fianza pedido por la corte.

Donde puedo poner una fianza para un detenido (arrestado)?

Se puede localizar un fianzera como Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds para pagar la fianza con la carcel se tiene que firmar para hacerse responsible por la presentacion a sus cortes y se paga el 10% al 8% de la canidad de la fianza al fianzero para solicitar la salida de la carcel ( hay tambien arreglos de pagos de 10% o 8% de la prima

Como se si puedo poner una fianza?

La fianza se puede depositar en cualquier carcel del condado donde esta el detenido (arrestado) sea en persona o sobre el uso del fianzero como Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds

Quien es el mejor fianzero?

El major fianzero debe tener una buena reputacion que se puede confirmar con el (San Diego Better Business Bureau) o (Bail Agents Association de San Diego) o puede llamar con Armando S. Epinoza Bails Bonds que tiene un Accredited Business con el San Diego Better Business Bureau.

Que es un fianzero?

Una agencia gobernado por el departamento de aseguranza del estado de California, tiene que ser calificado por el departamento para negociar fianzas en este estado, Debe tener experiencia en la negociasion de una fianza y saber asegurar la presentacion del detenido a sus citas a corte hasta el termino/sentencia del caso pendiente frente a la corte. La manera de saber la experiencia o tiempo en el negocio se ve en el numero de la licencia del agente con el que se esta tratando. Con tener experiencia el cual puede ayudar con el major resultado con el proceso de cumplir con la corte y la conclusion del resultado de su caso.

Tengo un familiar o amigo detenido que hago yo?

Llame a una oficina como Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds para recibir informacion gratis sobre el arrestado o llame directamente a la carcel donde esta el detenido (San Diego County Jail Central (619) 615-2700 con el nombre paterno y materno del detenido y su fecha de nacimiento.

Esta detenido mi papa/mama que hago yo?

Llame a un fianzero como Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds para hacer su proceso de liberar a su padre/madre de la detencion lo mas rapido posible y hacer el proceso lo mas facil posible sin dificultad.

Esta arrestado un familiar o amigo ahora que hago?

Llame a un fianzero como Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds para que se le pueda ayudar a localizar a su familiar/amigo y explicar las razones por el cual esta detenido y lo que se necesita para salir.

La policia se llevo a un familiar o amigo ahora que se hace?

Llame a un fianzero como Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bondspara hacer llamadas a las carceles (estatal, federal, Inmigracion) Gratis para buscar a su familiar/amigo con una llamada a Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds podemos ayudarles.

Tengo un familiar o amigo perdido y no lo encuentro que hago yo?

Llame a un fianzero como Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds y denos los datos de su detenido y lo buscamos y si esta detenido se les explica como se puede liberar lo mas facil posible.

Como puedo saber cuanto es una fianza?

Haga una llamada a Armando S. Espinoza Bail Bonds y nosotros nos encargamos de conseguir la informacion sobre el detenido y llamado y la informacion son GRATIS!

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